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Rudolph Stephan

Born and raised in South Africa, Rudolph obtained a Diploma in Nature Conservation before spending three years experiencing the finer details of the industry as an Apprentice Hunter in Botswana, Mozambique and in South Africa. He qualified as a full time Professional Hunter in 2000. Rudolph specializes in big game hunting such as the Kalahari Lion, leopard with hounds and buffalo.

Rudolph is the other key constituent of Comre Safaris. He handles the daily operations and logistics of the company, plans the itineraries, and ensures the smooth running of the hunting trips.

With an unmatched passion for hunting, strong ethical values and his double rifle in hand Rudolph will guide you through your supreme African Safari.

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Abrie Pretorius

"I am a passionate yet avid hunter that grew up on a farm in the Limpopo province. I believe that I was genetically engineered to be a hunter … walking and stalking “animals” from when I was a toddler, I harvested my first animal when I was 5 years old. Now I have a little boy of my own and so enjoy taking him hunting, seeing so much of myself in him. My beautiful wife and precious daughter are my biggest fans and also share my passion for the outdoors.

Rifle hunting, I do, however Bow hunting is my specialty and favored method of hunting. Having hunted and harvested over 100 animals with the bow and guided clients on more than 200 bow kills, most of them walk and stalk, Bow Hunting simply never seems to get old!
Although I had been hunting all my life, I qualified officially in 2006 as a professional hunter, enabling me to share my passion in rifle and bow hunting with clients on safaris.

At the end of the day I am an adventurer who loves to be with and share my passions with people. I love people and families, and strive to make each client’s hunting safari memorable."

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Martin Neuper

Martin is an incredibly passionate and capable professional hunter partly due to having been born and raised into a hunting environment. Accompanying his father in the African bush since he was able to walk, Martin harvested his first animal at the age of 5.

Being an avid bow hunter, Martin has taken over 18 species via walk-and-stalk and adds to that list with his rifle. After school Martin began his journey of becoming a professional hunter by completing his professional hunting license followed by a two year apprenticeship. He has since pursued his professional hunting career and has guided many hunters from all over the world in different terrains, on different species and with bow and rifle.

If Martin is not stalking an animal, he is on his farm tending to his growing cattle stud... the outdoors evidently in his blood!

Megs 2

Meggan King

Meggan, born and raised on a farm just outside the thriving metropolis of Tarkastad, is no stranger to the hunting terrain, hunting life and of course harvested meat prepared with much finesse.
Raised with two older brothers, Meggan gained all the necessary skills to thrive around hunters and in turn has become quite the accurate shot!

After 10 years of hard earned experience in the industry, Meggan has become a maestro in her own right and one can be mesmerized by her absolute mastery in the kitchen as she designs delectable dishes. Watch as she transforms your hard earned hunting scores into mouth watering meals.

Being a woman of many trades, Meggan is not only our Head Chef but is our Lodge Hostess, ensuring our clients and friends a true “African Experience”. She’ll be the person you would want to befriend in the South African camps, as she’ll guarantee you the delectable luxuries you might require.

Comre Safaris is honored to have Meggan as our Head Chef and Lodge Hostess.